Incubated companies can expect an exciting program that is hands-on and highly relevant to their business goals. In fact, the program is adapted to meet the specific needs of the incubatees. For a period of 6 months to a year, companies will be guided through a program that offers them the business and technical knowledge needed to build a successful business. In addition, they will obtain the social and financial linkages needed to make their business a reality. By the end of their incubation period, the incubatees are expected to have well-functioning companies with a proven business model, ready for investment and ready to be scaled.

Why choose AgBIT?

   Shared physical infrastructure and Equipment

   Agro-technology development and transfer

   Technology packaging, agricultural research, Investor-startup linkages

   Facilitation of venture financing, mentorship and hand-holding

   Market research and Market linkages

   Customer, Product and business model development

   Marketing and Branding

What We Offer

Business and Technical Topics Explored



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